Review: Red Rum Club Sell Out The Lexington

Written By Thomas Muckian

Red Rum Club, the only band who can take you from a cold drizzly day in North London to the beaches of Cuba in seconds. Self-described Scouse -Americana they bring back the spirit of the summer just as ours has come to a close.

As we arrived at The Lexington, wall to wall, bar to stage, the venue was packed. The sense of anticipation in the room was palpable. As we squeezed through to make sure we got the best view possible, the lights started to change, the conversations faded, everyone’s attention focussing towards the stage. Before we knew it RRC kicked off with a bang; a fan favourite ‘Honey’ from their debut album ‘Matador’.  

The set was packed with great tunes that any RRC fan will know well however we were introduced to a new song in the set; ‘Ballerino’ which was a great addition to the bands already extensive discography and one that “may appear on the second album “as Frontman, Fran teased.

One particular element of the band that really stuck out to me was the band’s trumpeter Joe “The Blow” who brings so much to RRC’s sound almost creating a Tropicana version of the classic Brit-Pop wall of sound. A particular highlight was Joe’s solo into ‘Nobody Gets Out Alive’ which sounded as if it had been plucked straight from a Quentin Tarantino western. Hauntingly beautiful, it was the perfect respite for what turned out to be a high energy anthemic set.

As the set was coming to its close and the band faded out of their new single ‘Kids Addicted’ a small group in the crowd started to sing the chorus to ‘Would you rather be lonely?’. Within seconds the whole room had joined in. RRC who, bearing in mind still had another song to play before the big finishing number, looked out into the crowd in awe. As the band members laughed trying to work out what to play, Fran once again took to the mic “Well, we had another one to play before that but I suppose we’ll just give you what you want”. Launching into the final song the whole room was bouncing, Red Rum Club had come to down to London and truly conquered it that night. As the song drew to an end and the band invited members of the audience on stage, I can truly say there wasn’t one person there that night who wanted that set to end.