REVIEW: Surprise Chef – All News Is Good News album review

REVIEW: Surprise Chef – All News Is Good News album review

When you think of cool funk instrumental bands your mind might jump to The Meters, Booker T and the M.G’s and Herbie Hancocks Headhunters. Add to that list Melbourne’s Surprise Chef, with their own brand of funk and soul instrumentals brandished on their debut release All News Is Good News via College of Knowledge, the groove is definitely on.

At the centre of the bands concoction are keys, drums, guitar and bass, with a horn section and flutist thrown in for good measure. Recorded in their home studio the tracks are as a loose and fluid as the aforementioned masters of funk.

Blyth Street Nocturne breezes into view as smooth as silk. With cuts of library music type sounds the live track introduces a hypnotic beat with phat drums layered with a blanket of cool keys effects, this old skool tune will be a feast for mixmasters for sure.

Further highlights include Herbie Hemphill pauses and reassures itself before launching into some sumptuous beats, Crayfish Caper isn’t a Catch The Pigeon race against time, rather it crawls its way into the speakers before delightful melodies entrap the listener to mesmerising effects. Mario’s Lament is the shortest burst of excitement on the album which ends abruptly. The album as a whole is superb, composed collection of fat back beats for the modern day hipsters.

All News Is Good News can be purchased via the College Of Knowledge website