Review: The Jacques – Kiss The Pharaoh

After some time away, lo-fi, post-grunge band The Jacques are back with a brand new single Kiss The Pharaoh.

The hypnotic dark track pulls you in with its captivating melodies and takes you on a journey through it’s understated yet powerful lyrics, the haunting vocals only urging you to listen harder. The music video, a swirl of ancient Egyptian animations mixed with hallucinogenic visuals, also follows the same abstract, yet dark, theme of the song; it’s artistic and mysterious ambience tying into the track perfectly.

Having found success and a devoted following since their formation now 5 years ago, The Jacques have continued to develop their music whilst keeping grips with their original sound and fans will be thrilled to see the return of this band.

Lead singer Finn says of the song: “We wrote the song because we wanted to make something that sounded kind of creepy and that tells fragments of stories without allowing people to really get one solid meaning. A lot of my lyrics come out that way. If you listen carefully there are some moments where it goes all cute like a nursery rhyme with phrases like “daddy piggy” but then twists to “bodies on the table, bodies in the sink” within the same few lines. There’s a lot of reggae influence in that song too, which is a big part of my music taste.”

With more releases and live shows to be announced soon, The Jacques are about to shake up 2019. Watch the video to Kiss The Pharaoh here: