REVIEW: The Living Brain - Two Sides of the Brain

REVIEW: The Living Brain – Two Sides of the Brain

If you’re a fan of garage psych bands The Living Brain will be right up your street. Featuring Ged Lynn of The Stairs fame, the band’s music bars a similar resemblance, but they have their own stamp on proceedings. Self released on vinyl this release is a sort of compilation of their albums Life Sentence On Planet Earth and Bad Present Day.

Opening with Bland Planet this slice of lo fi heavy bass, slicing guitar psych pop will certainly have your backs against the wall. Burnout 2000 puts its foot on the accelerator with some surf fuzz guitar doing the trick as Ged and Lars Gabel sharing harmonies in a similar vien as The Ramones. Fence has a distinctly country lead chord structure whilst The Paranoid Room has glimpses of Captain Beefheart with Ged screaming out the lead vocal before riddles of guitar filter in and around the track.

The Sledging Breakout dips into a slightly off beat, beat which is another nod towards The Magic Band, wonderful stuff. Final track Animals Not Well tigers, turtles and pelicans all make an appearance, not sure any zoo is on the horizon so it’s time for some mischievous sound effects by all. A delightful release by an underrated Liverpool quartet, something for all you psychedelic lovers.  

Two Sides of the Brain can be purchased via the following link

Matt Mead

Matt Mead

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