REVIEW: The Scarfolk 197X annual review

REVIEW: The Scarfolk 197X annual review

As you think back to your childhood of the 70’s and 80’s you might recall seeing yearly annuals on sale at Christmas time that would feature the likes of Playschool, Rainbow and Morph. The new release by Scarfolk delves into this kind of territory with an edge to its presence in the form of those scary programmes from the period including The Boy From Space and Dark Towers. Published by William Collins this is set to frighten the living daylights out of all who dare open its pages.

On first glance the books looks like an adorable BBC annual from a bygone era. As you open the book there is a library card with stamps that have crept over onto the actual page, but as you delve into the mind-set of the book you are immediately grabbed by a sense of fear, on the edge suspense with a look over your shoulder to check if the coast is clear for further surveillance of the book you enter a world of the delightfully terrifying.

There are adverts that hark back to the days of when the green cross code was marshalled by Alvin Stardust, the toys from playschool have taken a turn for the worst in the book with a decidedly horrifying twist to their normal charming looks. The faces of those that are featured in the book have been twisted out of proportion, depicting instead of pure innocence a theme of fear and trepidation.

Along with this clutch of pictures, adverts and invitations there’s the added reality that Scarfolk actually exists as a place that welcomes all visitors. I literally sense when the bus arrives to collect those that want to visit for a day trip never to be forgotten, those that leave their safety of their own homes will never see such again. With a pin badge set, Scarfolk NHS card and further surprises from those kind folk at Scarflok this annual is literally something the whole family can enjoy again and again.

The Scarfok Annual 197X can be purchased from the Scarfolk website.