REVIEWED: The Shimmer Band, Bang Bang Romeo, BlackWaters and Paves, Electric Ballroom, London / Oct 14th 2017

Saturday the 14th of October saw the penultimate night for the a hugely successful This Feeling Alive tour and was London’s turn to be graced by The Shimmer Band, BlackWaters and Bang Bang Romeo. London lads Paves, out on tour with Starsailor now, were the local special guests.

BlackWaters kicked off proceedings and in typical riotous fashion, there was plenty of involvement from the crowd. Despite an early start with doors at just 6:30pm, Camden’s Electric Ballroom was living up to its name and rammed full of people and energy. It was at this point that it was evident that it was going to be a night to remember, an “I was there night”. And that it was.

Following the release of their debut single ‘Baby’ just 24 hours beforehand, Paves drew in a crowd of epic proportions, with loyal friends and fans alike singing every single word to every song. This was a true display of what This Feeling is all about: one big family full of love and passion for music.

Bang Bang Romeo were the penultimate band of tonight’s mega zone. Frontwoman/powerhouse (whatever tickles your pickle) Stars had everyone in awe at not only her incomparable vocals, but also her ability to keep a crowd in a venue as large as the Electric Ballroom mesmerised and in a trancelike state.

Alive’s London leg was closed by none other than the much loved Bristol natives The Shimmer Band; a band who deserve to be headlining main stages at festivals and then some. The crowd were singing their hearts out to the likes of Jacknife and the Death Call, Freedom and Shoot Me Baby and it wasn’t until this point that I realised quite how busy the Electric Ballroom really was – for a venue of a capacity of over 1,000 it hit home that it was packed to the rafters and full of people supporting great new guitar bands.

As 10pm hit it was straight to Nambucca for the after show which featured False Heads (pictured below), Dead! and Bad Lungs and an after party that rocked till 5am.

“Guitar music and rock ‘n’ roll music is dead” my arse…

Words: Georgie Charleston

Photos: Annie Warner