Category: Track Reviews

TRACK: Alvvays – ‘Not My Baby’

Following on from their renowned self-titled debut album, Toronto-based Alvvays inspected the scene in 2017 and launched a new flagship against a storm of uneasy genres. The album Antisocialities masterfully spreads across a number of genres from indie-pop to garage-rock,…

New Track: Exhibitionist – ‘Motionless’

Brand new and bringing a breadth of creativity and enchanting essence along with her, is the heavenly sound of Kirsty Tickle, the bewitching multi-instrumentalist from Sydney and solo project behind Exhibitionist. Kirsty released her debut single ‘Hands’ back in spring…

New Track: Twin Peaks – ‘Blue Coupe’

Whilst sustaining their signature retro style as demonstrated in their two previous albums, the Chicago based band Twin Peaks have revealed their new, more easygoing track ‘Blue Coupe’. Emerging after their previous albums Down in Heaven (2016) and Wild Onion…

TRACK: Viva Brother – ‘Bastardo’

Having begun life as Kill the Arcade in 2010, then Wolf Am I, then Brother, they were forced to add the ‘Viva’ to their name after their Australian Celtic namesake slammed the threat of a lawsuit on them in 2011….

TRACK: The Wools – ‘I’m Your Fool’

Hailing from Liverpool, indie surf newcomers The Wools have released their second single ‘I’m Your Fool’, and it’s a great tune. I’m quite annoyed that I’ve only just come across this band, as this new single could’ve soundtracked my whole…

LISTEN: Astral Project – ‘Athena’

Manchester, Northern England, heavy rainfall, typically dark, a remedy is required. Step forward quintet Astral Project who provide a tab of sonic-soma narco-bliss of glorious technicolour; ‘Athena’ is a fuzz-laden fillip to counteract today’s fauxhemian fellows and their fancy-dress showmanship….

New Track: Luke Sital-Singh – ‘Oh My God’

Fans of soothing singer-songwriter’s from Ben Howard to Damien Rice should be quick to introduce their ears to Luke Sital-Singh. The delicate singer-songwriter hails from South-West London’s New Malden with a pronounced and eloquent endurance. Sital-Singh’s latest track ‘Oh My…

TRACK: Luke Sital-Singh – ‘Hunger’

Luke Sital-Singh is a singer-songwriter from the small town of New Malden with a HUGE voice. With big time influences of Ryan Adams and Damien Rice, Luke will hit you right in the feels with his incredible new single ‘Hunger’….