Rough Trade reveal new store plans in Nottingham

Rough Trade have unveiled plans to open up a new store in Nottingham this autumn.

While other record stores such as HMV fall victim to technological advancements of online and download, Rough Trade look to have slipped through the net by expanding their horizons.

Currently Rough Trade have two stores in London, while most recently they’ve been riding a wave of success following the opening of their store in New York.

Rough Trade co-owner and director Stephen Godfroy said: “In response to the limitations of screen-based retail, our stores have become cultural hotspots, particularly for younger, format-savvy generations, who are as likely to play vinyl records to a room full of friends as they are to listen a track on their phone.”

So maybe just maybe, with the sudden rise of turntables and vinyls again we could be getting our beloved record shops back on the map…