Samuel Jack shows us that everything is ok with ‘In My Head’

Samuel Jack releases his poignant new visuals for his latest single ‘In My Head’. The track, which narrates the importance of bringing awareness to mental health issues and renouncing the stigma, provides a compelling and thought-provoking essence, accompanied by an emotion-fuelled sonic background. A topic close to many people’s hearts, the release comes just a couple weeks after mental health awareness day, where people across the globe came together to shine light on something which has never been so paramount in our current generation.

Despite ‘In My Head’ sounding like another successful single from the London born singer, Jack adopts strong underlying themes, making an anthem about mental health seem like an ordinary pop song at first glance. However, there is certainly nothing ordinary about this track. Sonically, ‘In My Head’ demonstrates Jack’s outstanding vocal ability, highlighting his rugged voice which bleeds with emotion, along with simple, brooding piano melodies – together, providing an authentic and passionate atmosphere. Combined with his new visuals, Jack gives audiences a personal, earnest message, straight from the heart. 

‘In My Head’ allows Jack to act as a voice for those who need to hear it. The songwriter is creating music with significant meaning and this is a prime example of how people should use their voice.