Shaefri releases brand new single ‘Girl’

Shaefri has released her brand new single ‘Girl’. The song introduces a bold expansion on her acclaimed alt-pop, pairing the music of her unique Irish/Egyptian heritage and electronica with hypnotic vocals, alongside an important empowering message.
The song is inspired by the #MeToo movement, but deals in the personal as much as the political. Produced with Traxx, it is built on a twitchy tabla beat while also planting one foot on the dancefloor.
Regarding the single Shaefri says, “It’s been happening for a long time; I don’t know one woman, of any age, who hasn’t been harassed or worse; just thinking about the scale of the problem is almost too much to take in.
“Traxx came in with this fantastic tabla beat and I started singing over it, #MeToo was taking off and I was angry at the people responsible for the pain, upset for the victims and desperate for something to be done to change the situation.
“With ‘Girl’, we both knew straight away that we’d found something special. It had all the sonic elements I’d wanted, but it sounded natural. Plus it was a song that had something to say.”
‘Girl’ is the first taste of new music from Shaefri since the release of her critically praised debut EP Cracks in 2017. The EP explored the dark side of love and was described as “divine” and “a breath of fresh air” by the likes of Clash, DIY and Hot Press and had several of its songs, notably lead single ‘Pixelate’, played on Amazing Radio, Radio X and RTE.
Where Cracks was intimate, raw and atmospheric, its lyrics delivered as though revealing secrets, ‘Girl’ is brightly-textured and addictively melodic, favouring more straightforward story-telling, brisker beats and real instruments. In short, it’s the sound of Shaefri growing up.
Shaefri’s new music finds her now comfortable in her own identity, thriving from a period of transition, coming armed with a fresh new sound and vision in 2020.