She’s Got Spies, Super Sniffer Dogs – Oct 23

She’s Got Spies shares new single, Super Sniffer Dogs, out October 23.

A twinkling piano, music hall theatrics and bounding guitars, depict a polarised nation. She Got Spies detects this polarised view from the Isle of Dogs, as she notices a cordoned off super slick Canary Wharf contrasted against a landscape of destitute council estates. Inspired by a recent trip to the Isle of Dogs, where this dystopian tale seemed a harsh reality. 

She’s Got Spies stridently takes the plunge, confident and sassy, a dark sense of comedy, a looming sense of impending doom in this polarised nation. Poetic descriptions bring to life an imaginary festival, hounded by super sniffer dogs – policing every moment of the people who dare to visit.

A poetic depiction of this walled off area, across and separated only by a dual carriage way. Still the humanity and creativity shine through with this fun and joyous delivery, as the characters shun the super sleek world of monetisation in favour of culture and creativity.

She’s Got Spies is the project of Laura Nunez and her cast of collaborators. She spends her time between Cardiff and London, she’s multilingual and can sing in Welsh, English and Russian.   

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