REVIEW: Sidiku Buari: Disco Soccer – album review

When you put together the 70’s shoes of John Travolta and the wizardry of Mardonna you might be able to picture the latest release by BBE Records entitled Disco Soccer by sportsman turned musician Sidiku Buari. Featuring a bonanza of soulful disco tracks, this highly enjoyable album will have you doing keep ups whilst doing the splits on the dancefloor.

With a slightly racy front cover featuring Buari with a half-dressed woman in football shorts, this is not a clear representation of what is found within the record you’re about to listen to. Featuring West African percussion with an excitable backbeat disco feel running throughout, it’s surprising this didn’t rival the likes of The Bee Gees upon its original release. Hopefully this new release will be discovered by a new batch of flare wearing groovers.

The peak of the tracks include opening track Koko Si, with its sumptuous free flowing dancefloor feel, the groove is definitely on. It’s What’s Happening is the disco version of What’s Goin’ On, hip swivelling will be irresistible under this spell and The African Hustle is begging you to Do The Hustle to its forever appealing jive. There’s a great mixture of the unique, the great and the slightly obscure on display here, but with a charming grasp of appeal, this is a must have release for anyone who wants to discover where the likes of Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers discovered their groove.

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