SIGN UP!!! Petition to save small music venues from noise abatement notices is launched

A petition has been launched by the Music Venue Trust to protect small music venues from the Noise Abatement legislation.

The petition calls for the Secretary of State for the Environment to make amendments to the Noise Abatement legislation, after a number of venues such as Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe have been threatened by complaints because of noise. Through making these changes the trust aims to secure the long term future of the country’s so called “toilet circuit” venues, which often allow upcoming bands a platform to get their material heard.

The trust’s statement said the will petition help: “To ensure that the proper balance is being struck between the individual rights of owners/occupiers and the right of communities to be able to enjoy live music.”

The trust believe current provisions set out by the, Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, give too much opportunity for tenants and developers of local areas to control the level of noise without appreciating the historic and established meaning these venues have.

Furthermore a statement released by the trust explains their reasoning behind the petition: “The Music Venue Trust believes that venues should be good neighbours, engaging with their local communities and addressing concerns around noise and anti-social behaviour. But we believe that being a good neighbour is a reciprocal process, and that people who choose to live near to community spaces are accepting the responsibility to behave as a good neighbour to their adjoining music venue, church or community space; anywhere it is inevitable and should be acceptable that noise will exist.”

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