SINGLE REVIEW: Deja Vega ‘Who We Are’

The Manchester psych-rock trio, Déjà Vega, are to share their new single “Who We Are” which is set to be released on 3rd Feb 2020. tells the tale of a dolent lesson; a lesson of self-belief, of never giving up and a lesson of the importance of unity in a time of despair. 

The track opens almost based solely on a steady, consistent drum beat, guitar and lead singer Jacks voice; a stable and steady encapsulation of the rooted or content moments in their pursuit of self-belief. The chorus, through stronger guitar, screams passion as the intensity and chaos that self-doubt can cause can warp an ambition – which Jack with his voice and fantastic lyricism display beautifully. The expedition of emotion displayed in “Who We Are” has also been displayed in previous tracks such as their “Penragrams” release in 2015. The bands distinctive ability to take us on a journey that is so unique yet wonderfully wholesome and relatable is something that is hard to come by. “The immense monster of a set was the absolute highlight. A noise that should be far more popular!”

This track trails off beautifully from the break-through year they have just come from; leaving 2019. The Manc trio had sold out three shows in Manchester. As well as playing over 60 shows in the UK along side supporting acts such as The Blinders, Futureheads and YAK.

The bands release of “Who We Are” show cases each individual band members distinct sound, weaving together to drive a behemoth of original, powerful psych, rock sound. They have created a notoriety for their incredible, energetic, unrivaled live show, and are fast becoming a must see act in 2020. 

“Who We Are” will be released on 3 February.