Singles Reviews: Released 24.10.14

This weeks singles were scrutinised by Keir’s ears and his verdict is as follows…

Pitbull ‘Fireball’

Like the creepy uncle he is, Pitbull has crept onto our airwaves once more with ‘Fireball’ . This time, he has brought it upon himself to infuse Latin music with his own cheesy brand of pop infused hip hop. While the track itself is fairly fun and harmless as they usually,  many listeners will be distressed to hear a heartbreaking reimaging of a verse of ‘Walk This Way’ by Aerosmith. Weep you must, for Pitbull has struck again.Try all you want, most of us will hear this song on a night out and you will dance to it. Though you may hate yourself, it’ll be more painless if you just come to terms with it soon.

Annie Lennox ‘I Put A Spell On You’

Next on the agenda we move on from the mindless pop, with  Annie Lennox opting for a slinky number.  ‘I Put A Spell On You’ is very stripped back yet somehow, yet still multidimensional with each instrument adding another layer to the track.  The guitar playing throughout is reminiscent of Santana and adds that classic, yet mature vibe. Whilst Pitbull may be a shot of tequila, this Lennox track is the single barrel malt whisky.

Chicane ft. Bo Bruce ‘Still With Me’

Chicane also returns this week, with his latest single ‘ ‘Still With Me’. The British producer has been at this for twenty year now and he hasn’t missed a trick with this track. This single could easily have been released in any year throughout his lengthy career and still would work in any decade. This track has hints of his  classic trance, yet with elements of modern soft house and combined delicately with the gentle vocals of Bo. This one is certainly one bound for Ibiza and some powerful remixes.




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Keir Waller

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