Sleaford Mods Announce New Album…

Eton Alive will be the title of the bands next EP – making it their fifth studio album. 

The track was recorded in their hometown of Nottingham. and will be released through their own record label ‘Extreme Eating’. Jason Williamson spoke about the news:

“Eton Alive speaks for itself really. Here we are once again in the middle of another elitist plan being digested slowly as we wait to be turned into faeces once more. Some already are, some are dead and the rest of us erode in the belly of prehistoric ideology which depending on our abilities and willingness, assigns to each of us varying levels of comfort that range from horrible to reasonably acceptable, based on contribution.

So after the digestive system of the Nobles rejects our inedible bones we exit the Arse of Rule, we fall into the toilet again and at the mercy of whatever policies are holding order in the shit pipe of this tatty civilisation. It is here our flesh regenerates as we rattle into another form, ready, and ripe for order.”

The track will be available on 22nd February, but can be pre-ordered here.

In the meantime, you can watch a video for ‘Kebab Spider’ below.

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