Steve meets Mark Morriss

Stripped down to just his voice and an acoustic guitar Mark Morriss still commands a legion of followers. Having fronted the mega successful mid 90’s Britpop group the Bluetones, Mark’s CV includes a number 1 album and a number 2 hit in the form of the classic Slight Return. Not bad eh?


Gigslutz headed down to hisLondongig to have a chat and see what his patter is and joined a packed crowd to sing along to the classics “Bluetonic”, “Marbelhead Johnson” et al, as well as a crop of unexpected covers including Foreigner, “I want to know what love is” and the Beastie’s “No Sleep tilBrooklyn!” Mark is currently working on a follow up to his 2008 solo album Memory Muscle. In with the classics, he previewed some of his new material which sounded very promising indeed.

Watch below to hear him talking to Gigslutz including getting make up done with Cliff Richard and why he has never played two sets the same.  Appologies for the poor lighting, but time was of the essensce! Enjoy…