‘Style With Sound’ Georgi Chase Speaks To Designer Pat Salter & Much More

It has been a very productive 7 days for Pretty Green, a major drop of new gear on to the website and in store, some epic pieces including the AW13 Biker Leather Jacket and updated version of the iconic Khaki Green Parka, renamed Deansgate Parka, making a surprise return for a superb price of £125, this Parka also comes in black.



This BL kaftan shirt below is a piece that many fans have been looking forward to and due for release very soon, I have no doubt that it will sell out very quickly.


The Vinyl Roadshow

The Vinyl Roadshow kicked off last Saturday at Pretty Green’s Flagship Store, Carnaby St. was an absolute success, with an expert valuing fans treasured vinyls, free drinks flowing, cool goody bag give away, including an AW13 look book and a Pretty Green pin badge for the first 50 people through the door.

The Vinyl Roadshow continues this weekend in Cardiff 5th October and then finishing up in Brighton on the 12th October.


Pretty Green Covent Garden was also drawing in a crowd, with up and coming Northern Ireland Rock ‘n’ Roll band The Sun Shadows playing in store for the first time, great things ahead for these lads!! (The band pictured below)


The Sun Shadows – See The Stars (Acoustic)


Pat Salter Q & A


In the last couple of years, Pretty Green have brought in accomplished designer, Pat Salter to head up the PG design team, the former head of denim development at Ted Baker is the man that turns Liam Gallagher’s vision into reality, keeping with Pretty Green’s Rock and Roll, Clothing with Soul style, he recreates classic pieces from LG’s clothing history, transforming them into iconic Pretty Green pieces. From a personal point of view, I think Pat has done a tremendous job, I’m a huge fan of his work and can’t wait to see what’s to come next year.

Recently, I got the chance to put a few questions to the man himself…..

How do I, as a customer identify Pat Salter designs, what’s your signature?

I don’t have a personal signature but the Pretty Green signature has an always been clothes with a rock and roll attitude. Our clothing looks to past decades to draw inspiration and bring it up to date in a more contemporary way, one foot in the past one foot in the present. Liam’s style is also hugely reflected in the Black Label collections

Apart from LG, who would you like to see model the top end PG gear and why?

Brian Jones if he was still alive

When you come up with a new PG concept, how long does it take for you to put a prototype/sample together?

Full development from initial concept through to final samples can take as long as a month but this can vary heavily by collection and product lines

Do you wear what you design?

Yes I wear lots of PG but I also mix it with the other brands, it’s healthy to always have sight of what else is out there

Are you the type of designer that likes to keep up with current trends or put your own/PG twist on everything?

I am aware of other heritage menswear brands and I certainly like to keep up to date with what’s happening in the menswear market. We’re certainly not dictated by trends but they are on the radar. That’s part and parcel of being a designer however my main inspiration is music and obviously Liam has a very strong input on everything we create together.

What can we expect to see from PG in the next few years, more high end or casual or a bit of both??

You’ll have to wait and see but we’ve got some exciting projects on the horizon

Until next time…. Shine A Light

Georgi Chase

Georgi Chase
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