T IN THE PARK – Saturday Review

Today I have two members of my own band with me Steve (Drums) & Stewart (Guitar).  These guys have a claim to fame, they are good pals with James Arthur, they played on tours alongside his last band before that X Factor win of his.  So we wanted to catch “Raff” as they call him who was opening the main stage.

I didn’t have an open mind for this one, I wanted to hate it.  Truth is, I couldn’t.  He is pretty awesome at what he does, great band, great chat, great everything apart from the X Factor bit.  I just can’t give Raff 100% because of that.  If you are eager to hear his new stuff, expect a song on the radio very soon that is styled like Plan B’s newest record.  Its Pop / Hip hop.  To summarise, I liked the product, it’s just been polished far too much by a fat cat.

Photo 1

Next on my list, Deacon Blue.  These rockers are kicking on a bit now and by the lead Singer ‘Ricky Ross’ openly admitted that the felt like the “old bastards at a teenagers party”.  Well their banter was old hat, that’s to be expected but to be fair, Scotland loves this band; it was never going to be a problem.  They played all the hits, Fergus Sings the Blues, Dignity etc… There guitar player had a section to improvise and he was really impressive.  I did not expect a face melter from him.  Massive singalong session that the afternoon required.  Good placement T In The Park!


We found a great little Whiskey bar to take us away from the now boring pints of lager.  Bliss.


I was dragged by Stewart to see Kesha. What a filthy bitch….

Yahoo! Wireless Festival - London Day 1

The highlight set from Today and probably all year has to be Mr Snoop Dogg, he immediately had everyone attention and excitement (down to his MC really).  On walk four beautiful scantily clad lap dancers and that’s it complete, we are now at a Snoop Dogg show.  Bring on the hits!

I would however like to say a few words directed squarely at T In The Park.  Why was Snoop Dogg not headlining?  It was not dark enough for his light show to have effect and the acts to follow him were The Script and Rihanna.  Good luck following that pop stars.


So that is Saturday done, I’m over the moon with my sun tan progress, music listened to in one day and that I have finally heard Snoop Dogg play Gin And Juice live.  Here are a few snaps from along the way.


Goodnight Kinross.

Jack Rowberry