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FOR THE RECORD: Muse ‘Showbiz’ (1999)

‘The 2nd Law’, ‘The Resistance’, ‘Black Holes And Revelations’ and ‘Absolution’ were all explosive UK Number Ones; ‘Origin of Symmetry’ was so huge it was played in its entirety at Reading Festival back in 2011; ‘Showbiz’ never gets a look in….

The Class Of 2004 – Ten Years On

2014 already looks set to be another blockbuster year for new music, so we thought it about time to take a look back at the world’s biggest stars’ humble beginnings. 2004 was an unbelievable time for music with guitar bands…

Gigslutz USA! Boston Blogs

Michelle Scott brings you updates from the East Coast of America!  You hear the word festival and immediately Europe comes to mind (and rightly so). Now since there aren’t many festivals on our side of the Atlantic, we tend to…