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ALBUM: Madonnatron – ‘Madonnatron’

The throat growl of a more feminised voice begins this curious and affecting album, coming as something of a relief considering the techno punk of opener ‘Headless Children’ rides the same groove of one John William Weller on ‘Around The…

BOOK: ‘Electrochoc’ by Laurent Garnier

This autobiography starts with a memory in Manchester’s legendary Hacienda club and ends with a promise that the party will go on. If anything, the words of Laurent Garnier will go on. Electrochoc was first published in 2003 in French….

PREVIEW: SW4 Festival – Part 2

We’re back for a second look at this year’s SW4 to investigate what Sunday treats they have to offer over the bank holiday weekend. You won’t be disappointed… Once again, we’ll start with some of the big attractions to be…