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Gigslutz Tracks Of The Week 27.09.13

French Indie-Pop collective, Nouvelle Vague’s vocalist, Melanie Pain, is now going it alone with the release of her album ‘Bye Bye Manchester’ – the first single to come from this solo project being the eerily atmospheric ‘Black Widow’. The single…

Gigslutz Tracks Of The Week, 13.09.13

Nearing sixty, one might expect Elvis Costello to be slipping into a trend of evoking age-old nostalgia in his music, but instead he seems intent on doing just the opposite, in recent years having collaborated with the likes of Burt…

Gigslutz Tracks Of The Week, 30.08.13

Chris Karloff’s new project, Black Onassis, sees the former Kasabian member join forces with NYC musician, Nick Forde. Their new single, ‘Brain’, precedes the release of the debut album, ‘Desensitized’, and features the vocals of Cooper Temple Clauses’ Ben Gautrey….