Temples LIVE @ The Kazimir, Liverpool 15.10.13

There has certainly been a buzz created around Temples this year and they’re one of the names on the lips of the ‘cool kids’ and music press alike. Getting repeatedly bigged up by Noel Gallagher has done no damage on that front and has certainly helped get a few more punters along to their gigs. But how much of the buzz is around their tunes and how much is around lip service from the likes of Gallagher remains to be seen. All should be revealed when their album comes out in February next year.

The 4 piece walked on stage to a hilarious jibe from the crowd as some young buck shouted out at the top of his voice “Mark Bolan”, obviously directed at frontman James Bagshaw likeness to the glam legend. Top bantz, dickhead #lad. Fuck off. Peter Kay must be shitting himself. I’m not adverse to a bit of heckling, but if you’re going to do it, make it worthwhile. For any wannabe hecklers out there, it should probably be noted that unfortunately there is not much scope for you to exhibit your talents with Temples.

So, can Temples live up to the hype? Going by this live show I’m yet to be convinced. They look the part as a band. Top shoes, big fuck off barnets, face glitter and their psycadelic pop makes them stand out from the crowd but I’m not sold that they have enough tunes to be able to justify the high praise that has been put their way. ‘Prisms’, ‘Colour of Life’, ‘Keep In The Dark’ and set closer ‘Shelter Song’ are all crackers but the set seems to be topped with a few too many lethargic fillers.

Maybe some of my negative vibes could be attributed to the crowd, however.

There are definitely a lot of young’uns around today who are just about being seen with a Lego haircut and a pair of brogues as they are actually into the music they allegedly listen to. Temples, with their 60s nostalgia have certainly caught a few in this bracket and the fact plenty of Fred Perry clad wannabe mods stand around talking and nipping out for a roll up during the during the songs they don’t know suggests they are more about updating their Facebook to show they are watching some emerging band as they are about the music on show. The swooning birds in attendance, ditto.

A special mention must be given to the pissed up knobheads at the side of the stage who tried to orchestrate a conversation with their mate down the front. Nice one for putting the band off for your own sake. Clowns. Fuck off and come back when you can handle your ale. Well done James Bagshaw for putting them in their place.

Temples have been quoted as saying they are “60’s but making it relevant”. I’m not sure how that works in all honesty from this showing. Definitely 60s, but not sure how they’re giving it a modern twist. It seems very much copied straight from a 60’s psycadelic textbook. I previously saw the band in May and I left with a different view after they totally blew me away so I’m reserving judgement on this lot just yet. Hopefully this was just a blip…