The Brian Jonestown Massacre Reveal New Track ‘Tombes Oubilées’

Ahead of the release of their new self-titled album, The Brian Jonestown Massacre has revealed their latest single ‘Tombes Oubilées’.

The bands newest album comes just 7 months after the release of their previous record, ‘Something Else’. Featuring 9 tracks, the album was due to be released last September but was delayed due to the success of their USA, Canada, Australia and European tour.

The album is The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s 18th full-length studio album and 5th in the past 5 years and is due to be released on all platforms on 15th March 2019.


Track Listing
1.    Drained
2.    Tombes Oubliées
3.    My Mind Is Filled With Stuff
4.    Cannot Be Saved
5.    A Word
6.    We Never Had a Chance
7.    Too Sad To Tell You
8.    Remember Me This
9.    What Can I Say