The Future of Music: Where It’s Going In The Next Decade

The world situation since 2020 has drastically impacted many industries. One industry that has been significantly affected is the music industry. With many music venues closing up, live gigs seem to be a thing of the past. Concerts and other musical performances have also halted, and musicians have been feeling the crunch. Just the same, the trends in the music industry will continue to develop even while the world finds ways to handle the current situation and get back to normal. Its current state may not, as the market is constantly shifting with the current state of the world. Generally speaking, though, the music industry will bear some semblance of how it was in the past years. Artists and companies will continue to look for ways and means to endure and flourish without depending on live shows and take advantage of remote technology that everyone relies on to reach out to their audience and entertain them.

There may be more opportunities to hone their skills and learn more about their chosen craft for artists who are currently making a living from home. It may also be the best time to rest after performing live and build up their stamina when things settle, and normalcy is achieved. They can also start developing healthier habits, from getting much-needed sleep to maintaining a good skincare routine using quality products such as a CBD moisturiser for healthier, glowing skin. The respite can also be an excellent opportunity to get inspired and create beautiful music.

Here are some thoughts about the future of music and where it is headed in the coming decade.

New music venues

It is evident that some of the first business establishments to close down worldwide during the pandemic were music venues. It is understandable as these are the places that are typically packed with people eager to see their favourite artists perform live. It is estimated that about half of music venues will shut down as the pandemic ends. However, there is no way to keep music lovers from listening to live music and eagerly anticipate the comeback of concerts and live performances. Thus, the demand will motivate business owners to establish new venues for music lovers, probably in 2022.

Live streams

Due to the lack of venues to perform, artists now rely on live streams to connect with their audience. Thanks to modern technology, recorded concerts and streaming have emerged, allowing artists to deliver high-quality performances in real-time and allow music lovers to enjoy music online. Fans are also offering support for their favourites to show appreciation for the effort of the artist to reach out. Still, there will always be that hope for up-close and personal performances. In the meantime, and until music venues are again open to the public, live streaming is the best option.

Genres may be a thing of the past

Because artists do not depend on solid labels or the more traditional markets, they have more opportunities to experiment and collaborate outside of their genres, receiving favourable audience responses. Musicians of specific genres reach out to other artists and incorporate their music to create something fresh and innovative. It is an exciting time for many musicians who have opened themselves to the idea of moving out of their comfort zone and offer their audience a different take on their music.

Things may not look too good for the music industry, but there is always an upside to everything. It is the creativity of the artist that makes them rise above present challenges.