LISTEN: The Gigslutz Girls’ New Music Show Playlist, 16.04.15

The third show of its kind, the April’s Gigslutz Girls’ New Music Show had everything from cake holes to Riot Grrrl Day to the Savage Nomads popping in for a live session.  Tash Walker and Mari Lane gave us the low down on Record Store Day and played the UK radio debut of Blonde Maze’s track ‘Summer Rain’, alongside classics from the likes of Joni Mitchell and Billie Holiday.

Unfortunately, however, the show didn’t record! So, if you didn’t catch it live last Thursday from 7-9pm on Hoxton Radio, you’ve missed out. But all is not lost! You can hear most of the tracks that were played in this specially compiled playlist, for your listening pleasure. It’s a shame you’ve missed out on the insightful chatter that took place, but at least now you can get a taste of the show’s musical offerings.

The next Gigslutz Girls’ New Music Show will be 21 May, 7-9pm on Hoxton Radio – make sure you tune in!

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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