The Great Escape Festival Showcase: FRIENDSHIP. presents: Shibuya Sound Riverse

Shibuya Sound Riverse is an indie music festival curated by independent Japanese music distribution service FRIENDSHIP., showcasing an eclectic range of Japan based indie artists from diverse backgrounds and genres like shoe gaze, dream pop, post-punk, math rock, indie rock and alt-folk. The festival takes place across various venues in the famous Shibuya district of Tokyo and for the first time ever, FRIENDSHIP. will be bringing the festival to The Great Escape 2024 in Brighton on Friday, 17th May, for the only Japanese music showcase taking place this year.

Kazuto Yamazaki founder of FRIENDSHIP. says: “One of our primary goals at FRIENDSHIP. has always been to amplify the voices of independent Japanese artists on a global scale. Our festival SSR (Shibuya Sound Riverse) started in 2022 and we set out to do just that. While our first two editions took place in Tokyo’s vibrant Shibuya district, our upcoming showcase at ‘The Great Escape 2024’ marks an exciting shift. We are extremely honoured to be debuting our Tokyo showcase at this amazing festival in Brighton, UK and we aim to elevate the visibility of Japanese talents to new heights.”

An amazing line up of independent Japanese artists performing at the event are indie pop singer-songwriter Kaneko Ayano, Post-punk psych rock outfit Helsinki Lambda Club, alternative rock duo DOMICO and cerebral math-rock quartet LITE.

Kazuto goes on to add: “Since our inception, FRIENDSHIP. has facilitated the release of 9,213 songs by 853 artists, with some artists achieving over 200 million annual streams globally. Despite these accomplishments, many artists under our umbrella have yet to make a significant impact on the global stage. Our decision to host a showcase at ‘The Great Escape 2024’ is driven by the desire to change that narrative. We see this as a pivotal opportunity to introduce Japanese acts to industry professionals and audiences, paving the way for their expansion into the European market and bolstering their international recognition. Our lineup for the showcase features four carefully selected acts, each representing the diverse talent within our roster. The renowned singer-songwriter Kaneko Ayano, who has consistently sold out venues with capacities exceeding 10,000 in Japan, and DOMICO, a two-piece rock outfit well-known for their dynamic performances at major festivals like Fuji Rock, have a very strong domestic presence. Indie rock band Helsinki Lambda Club, steadily building their international profile, garnered attention for their standout performance at SXSW 2024, while LITE, an instrumental rock band, boasts headline tours across the US and Europe, along with headlining slots at festivals like the prestigious ArcTanGent Festival in Bristol. We are thrilled to present these exceptional acts on the global stage and look forward to the impact they will make at ‘The Great Escape 2024’.”

Date : May 17, 2024 (Fri)
Time : 12:00 pm ~ 16:00 pm
Place : WaterBear Venue, Brighton (
Line-up :
12:30 — 13:00  LITE
13:30 — 13:00  DOMICO
14:30 — 15:00  Helsinki Lambda Club
15:30 — 16:00  Kaneko Ayano