The influence of music on the gaming experience at Aussie online casinos

During the day we hear music from various sources. We listen to music at home and at work. We also hear various music in public places. Studies show that music impacts our condition and behavior. For example, energetic music makes us more active. And vice versa, relaxing music creates a dreaming mode.

Entertainment businesses, including online casinos, use music in their work. Music helps casinos boost their players engagement and shape overall gaming experience.

In this article we will investigate how music influences players’ behavior, emotions, and experience in online casinos, such as


Music and Emotional Impact

Journal of Behavioral Addictions conducted an interesting study in 2014. One hundred students played at an online casino. When they heard upbeat music, they started to play faster. Moreover, their speed increased with music speed. As a result, players placed more bets.

At the same, slower music did not have a similar effect. Players did not stop, but their gaming sessions became longer. In the result of this study, top casinos, including online casinos that accept Australian players, created so-called winning playlists.

Music and Atmosphere

Various music genres help casinos set special atmosphere. Usually music at online casinos creates such feelings as:

  • Excitement
  • Relaxation and
  • Vibrant atmosphere.

In addition, music can affect stress levels of players. It is especially important when you play casino online for real money. This is why in casinos we often can hear a quiet and relaxing music.

Some of the popular music genres that we can hear at online casinos that accept Australian players are:

  • Jazz
  • Electronic music
  • Classical music and others.

Moreover, casinos carefully choose their playlists.


Impact on Player Behavior

Background music at online casinos can encourage players to take longer play sessions. Moreover, it creates an immersive environment, where players feel themselves relaxed. Many online casinos also revealed that music can impact the risk attitude of players.

Therefore, when you are choosing where to play casino online real money for Australian players, you can pay attention to background music. More likely, online casinos for high rollers will turn on energetic music that stimulates players to place higher bets.


Music and Game Choice

Music can also impact game choice at online casinos. For example, casinos with online pokies usually turn fast and energetic music. Moreover, how music can even impact players’ preferences for certain types of slot machines.

Therefore, when you will investigate the question, what’s the best online pokies in Australia, pay attention not only to the casino website, but also to its music. Alternatively, you can turn on your own favorite playlist for online pokies. It will make your play at casino online in Australia more joyful.



As you can see, music impacts an overall impression of online casinos. In their turn, top Australian casinos create playlists that create a relaxed and festive atmosphere. You can test how music impacts your gaming experience during your next online casino visit. To get the best experience, also remember the importance of responsible gambling.