The Know question the future in “Someday Maybe”

Husband and wife duo The Know create fuzzy dream pop reminiscent of early Beach House meets Mazzy Star. Their latest release entitled “Someday Maybe” features ethereal vocals over distorted, clashing guitars and driving basslines. The colourful visuals shows the couple performing at an outdoor bbq and juxtaposes with the dark musical undertone. Los Angeles rocker and legendary dancer Howard Mordoh aka “The LA Rocker” is the star of the video, lighting up the scene with neon glasses and an eccentric shirt. His vibrancy brings a lighthearted and uplifting feeling, portraying the message to be your true self and never hold back. 

The duo’s undeniable connection both romantically and musically can be heard throughout their music. A distinct synchronisation and poignant lyrical themes flow fluidly within each track and “Someday Maybe” is a prime example of this strong bond. 

Based out of Los Angeles, Daniel Knowles and his wife Jennifer Farmer originally wrote the song as a spec for the hit Netflix series Riverdale. Despite not making it on the show, the couple changed things around to be a declaration of their love for each other. It’s heartfelt lyrics take a look back at when their story began and the butterflies and roller coaster of emotions that come hand in hand with the early stages of love.