The Moons LIVE @ The Caves, Edinburgh 30.03.14

Despite front-man Andy Crofts tweeting the day before that “his voice was in a bad place” The Moons wasted no time lighting-up The Caves in this blistering set on Mothering Sunday.

Led by Andy, The Moons opened with ‘Society’ and followed this up with ‘Forever Came Today’ and the terrific ‘Revolutionary Lovers’. For me personally, Andy was sounding great with little trace of a sore throat although I did notice a cough bottle on the stage which Andy scooped at one point. As usual, stylish The Moons looked immaculate dressed primarily in black with some great shoes (and heels) on display. In particular the jacket donned by Chris was ‘Cool as ….’!

With two albums to their credit, The Moons dipped into material from both with ‘Can You See Me’ and ‘Something Soon’ from their 2012 album – the fantastic ‘Fables of History’ – featuring in the set. From their debut album ‘Life On Earth’, tracks such as ‘Nightmare Day’ and ‘Torn Between Two’ were played to the delight of the crowd. New single ‘Heart and Soul’ also featured pretty early; it was great to hear it live after giving it a number of listens on Soundcloud. Andy also introduced another song called ‘Bodysnatchers’ that I had not previously heard and absolutely loved.

The band appeared to be enjoying the occasion and Andy rewarded those in attendance with some alternative lyrics to ‘English Summer’ by replacing some and referring to the somewhat illusive Scottish sun. (Here’s hoping for a ‘Long Hot Summer’ once again this year…sorry as a fan of TSC I could not resist!)

Over the course of the set the crowd got visibly more and more into the gig and some ladies at the front tried hard to impress the band with their foxy dance moves. By the time ‘Its Taking Over’ brought the opening set to a close the crowd were completely buzzing and demanding more. Never one to disappoint, Andy Crofts returned to the stage for a solo rendition of ‘Jennifer Sits Alone’ that resulted in loud cheers and shouts of appreciation. Personally, this is one of my favourite Moons tracks, and it was clear from the mass sing-a-long this song is not lost on fans of the group. Chris, Ben and Ben then rejoined Andy on stage for a rousing rendition of ‘Chinese Whispers’ before bringing the encore to an end with ‘Don’t Go Changin’.

With the new Moons album imminent the band revealed they will be touring again in the near future and hope to return to Scotland. For the £8 entry fee this was exceptional value and if the chance arises my advice is get yourself along to see The Moons live… I doubt you will be disappointed!

Bazza Mills


Bazza Mills
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