The Pale White share anthemic new track ‘Confession Box’

The Pale White have returned with the emotive and anthemic ‘Confession Box’.

‘Confession Box’ follows the band’s comeback singles ‘Glue’ and ‘Take Your Time’, which arrived last autumn and ushered in a new era for the Newcastle trio, in the wake of gargantuan singles ‘Swim For Your Life’ and ‘Polaroid’ which were released in 2019 to critical acclaim.

Where ‘Take Your Time’ saw The Pale White at their most anthemic and immersive, and ‘Glue’ sat as a balls to the wall, distortion drenched banger, ‘Confession Box’ brings the band’s songwriting prowess to the fore. The track is an (unsurprisingly) confessional cut that deals with the rollercoaster of emotions that one goes through post-breakup, a mammoth statement from The Pale White that lays the foundation for a gamechanging 2021.