THIS FEELING TRACK OF THE DAY 12.08.15: Planet ‘Disaster Caster’

Track Of The Day comes from four-piece, interstellar-popsters, Planet. ‘Disaster Caster’ is supported by a fantastic new video which is a look into the Sydney boys’ world; taking you on a road trip where they walk through parks, eat fast food, sit in caravans and smoke all day. The song was recorded and engineered by the band themselves and keeping in the DIY spirit, the video was also filmed and directed by Planet.

‘Disaster Caster’ provides a double helix of a strong Britpop spirit although heavily infused with a much lighter, up beat psych haze making the tune the perfect pop song – catchy and repetitive. With the band wanting to tour their repertoire later this year, lets hope they don’t miss out the UK when globe trotting. However, when your brothers band is the DMA’s, touring would be in your genes.

Coming across very much as a cyclical track, the beginning merges into the end making 4 minutes turn into 8, into 12… Mikey from This Feeling says: “Got in at 4am. Played it solid till 8am, when the neighbour knocked on the door. Still at least they know every word now!”.

This track will blow you away.

For Fans Of: Ride, Oasis, The Lemonheads and Britpop

Rachel Young

Rachel Young

Rachel Young

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