This Feeling Track of the Day : Saint Agnes ‘The Death or Glory Gang’

Killer psych-rock 4-piece Saint Agnes recordings are fully analogue and self-produced, a conscious decision made to capture the energy and spirit of a band who’ve clocked up over 200 divebar and squat shows in their first 3 years.

Debut EP ‘The Death Or Glory Gang’  “is about the decision to escape. Our generation have a (legitimate) sense of hopelessness about the future. The main lyric is a metaphor for giving yourself over to your immediate desires, letting the devil on your shoulder guide you and throwing yourself into the hands of fate. Fuck tomorrow, give me more of today. This song is a battlecry for a screwed generation. We recorded live in a room to 2” tape, no computers, no messing around”.

No messing around, indeed. The EP is a fucking masterpiece. Gloriously decadent and confrontational Rock n Roll that’ll leave you gasping for more and the urgent need to see them play live. 2019 is going to be massive.

For fans of: Jesus and The Mary Chain, The Stooges, Jet, BRMC, The Kills