This Feeling Track(s) of the Day : Broken Hands ‘Split in Two’ and ‘Friends House’

Broken Hands emerge from a 2 year wilderness, newly signed to a major label (Atlantic Records), with not one but two hard hitting psychedelic rock tracks. A welcome and thunderous return from one of the UK’s best rock bands. 

“Both of these two songs come from a similar place—one minute you want to write a screaming, heavy record and in the next you want to write something tranquil,” Norton explains. “It’s a push-and-pull. ‘Friends House’ has that element of two-sides as well [as “Split in Two”]. It’s quite a dark song; the moment that you think you’re happy and safe, you actually couldn’t be any further from safety.” The band have hinted their second album is due next year. Bring it on. 

For fans of: Kasabian, Muse, The Black Crowes, Yonaka



Broken Hands support Bands of Skulls: 
Nov 7 – London, UK – Scala
Nov 8 – Manchester, UK – Gorilla