This Feeling TV: Red Rum Club talk Glastonbury, new single ‘TV Said So’ + live performance


  • Co-presenters Laura Whitmore and Gordon Smart host the ninth episode of online TV show Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV, featuring the latest stars to come out of Liverpool, Red Rum Club
  • The band discuss riding the wave of The Beatles, performing at Glastonbury this year and new single ‘TV Said So’


‘Spaghetti Western’ rockers Red Rum Club is formed of six cheeky chaps hailing from Liverpool, whose colourful personalities and stage presence is a swift step apart from their monochrome chic image.

Front man Fran Doran and guitarist Tom Williams sat down with Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV presenter Gordon Smart to talk about their latest hit single ‘TV Said So’, being invited to play Glastonbury and living up to Liverpool’s formidable legacy of musicians. Here’s a link to watch the interview:

Following the success of their hit single ‘Would You Rather Be Lonely’, the band has gone from strength to strength, releasing their Americana infused alt-rock debut album Matador, selling out shows around the UK, and being championed by BBC Introducing Merseyside, to name just a few stand out achievements.

On the topic of iconic bands born out of Merseyside, Gordon probes the boys about their Liverpudlian roots: “Every time I intro you on the radio, I can’t help but say you are Liverpool boys – the personality just comes through – how much of a part has Liverpool played in your music?”

Frontman Fran Doran humbly responds: “You can’t get away from it, people mention The Beatles, Echo And The Bunnymen and [The] Coral so you’ve just got to ride it, ride the wave – sometimes it’s a burden because people will compare you to the best bands ever but it also gives you a bit of prestige – people think they’re from Liverpool too so must be half decent!”

 Turning attention from formidable legends, to stamping out their own legacy at one of the world’s most famous live music platforms, Gordon says, “You have been announced for Glastonbury, which is an amazing achievement.” He continues with an air of amusement, “Fran, I know you have been before, how did get in last time?”

Fran clears his throat and coyly responds, “Erm, I just walked in the gate, with the appropriate wristband. I slept in the car park of the Wednesday, missed a full night of it but I was in by Thursday and had a good time, with the appropriate wristband”.

Another big moment for the band this year comes in the form of their new hit single ‘TV Said So’. With such a direct, no nonsense title, Gordon wanted to understand a bit more about the backstory of the single. Gordon said, “You’ve just recently released your new single, which is kind of your take on the influence that TV has on the world right now. Do you think it is a healthy thing? To me, TV is a bygone era more about social media, is that what the song is about?”

Fran says, “Yeh, but everyone has a TV in their pocket now, you’ve got instant access to whatever you want. I think it’s a good and a bad thing. A lot of people think the lyrics are slagging it off but its not really – it’s just a part of it, but you can make your own mind up about it”.

 Tom continues “It’s also our most ‘pop-y’ song, so there is a bit of irony to it, it’s the song we’re trying to get out there and trying to get traction on TV and radio, but it’s actually got that meaning to it”.

In the wake of the demise of music TV programmes such as Top Of The Pops, Red Stripe Presents: This Feeling TV offers aspiring bands a genuine platform to succeed and counts the likes of Tom Grennan and Gerry Cinnamon who’ve since each headlined their own tours, released albums and gone on to become Radio X and Radio 1 regulars amongst its successful alumni.

The interview – which is available to view HERE – is part of the latest instalment of Red Stripe presents: This Feeling TV – a new music TV show for the digital age that still maintains all the unique charm and quirkiness that typified music TV shows back in their heyday. The show has accumulated over 1 million views, paved a platform for new, emerging talent and helped the grassroots music scene to growth, on and off the stage.

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