Top-notch Track Ideas For A Casino Themed Party 2021

Find out the most popular casino-themed tracks for a memorable gambling gathering 👯Let’s Rock! A Little Party Never Killed Nobody🎉 

  Want to throw the most memorable casino party ever? Besides necessary attributes, decorations and snacks you should also seriously consider the choice of music. It sets the mood and creates a needed vibe. Here are some brilliant ideas which will make your guests rock and gamble all night long. 


Music from video slots: Guns N’Roses, Jimi Hendrix

 In order not to come up with a playlist, you can entertain your guests with the most famous online video slots, created especially for music and gambling lovers. These music slots have a number of attractive perks, such as free spins, some extra unique bonus rounds and of course, catchy singles. Among the best ones there are: an iconic Guns N’Roses slot, Motörhead for heavy metal lovers, legendary Kiss slot, Michael Jackson King of Pop, DJ Wild and others. More slots to your taste you will find on

  Top must-have songs

 Everyone wants to feel like a king, and playing Elvis Presley songs will make your guests feel that way. Don’t think that it’s old school and the younger generation won’t get it, just turn on the music and see how magic works. The lyrics convey the Las Vegas experience very precisely: “Oh, there’s black jack and poker and the roulette wheel, a fortune won and lost on every deal. All you need’s a strong heart and a nerve of steel. Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas.”

  Another neverlasting classic tune, which shouldn’t miss any casino themed party is “Huck’s Tune” by Bob Dylan. This song was a soundtrack for the movie about gambling “Lucky you”, starring Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana.

 And of course a casino party isn’t a party without Frank Sinatra, especially his Luck Be a Lady song, which was sung by Marlon Brando in a musical Guys and Dolls. The lyrics relate the point of view of a gambler and will definitely suit the event.

   Dance and pop favorites

 When creating your playlist, don’t be afraid to mix genres, you must please the tastes of all your guests. How about some pop and dance music? Pop superstars like Rihanna, Britney Spears and Pussycat dolls will keep the energy level increasing and people more willing to play and have fun. Another star that should definitely shine at your party is Lady Gaga with her single Poker Face. Even though the song isn’t about poker at all it is a mix of dance and pop that certainly feels like Vegas. 

 Old schooling: Vivaldi’s Four Seasons during the gameplay

  Knowing about the effect music has on psychology, casino operators and slot game creators often use nothing but classical music in their institutions. It can be heard as background music in casino lounges, hotel lobbies and luxury restaurants, and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a clear favorite. Why classical music? Studies have shown that classical melodies can rise and evoke emotion, which means that when it is played in a casino, it can make players feel more excited and eager to win. So, why not to try it out at your casino royale theme party? 

Things to Consider

  When choosing the best tracks for your casino night party at home don’t forget to check out soundtracks for the movies related to this topic. It can be Ocean’s film series, the popular TV series Las Vegas, Thomas Anderson Movie or criminal films by Tarantino. Such music will remind your guests of their favorite scenes and film characters, who have never been afraid to take risks. 

 I am sure, by following these recommendations your casino themed party will be remembered and discussed for a long time.