The Top Ten “In It to Win It” Movies

There is something magical and mystical about movies about people who win lotteries. Whether they are meant to be a pure comedy, like “It Can Happen to You” or they contain elements of torment, like “La Liste De Mes Envies, there is an allure as viewers that we just can’t shake. Movies like these not only take us away from reality for a while, they juxtapose reality with fantasy for we could be that main character at any place and time. We could be the winner, but possibly choose a different outcome than portrayed in the particular film. Nevertheless, there have been several international blockbusters screened with the theme of winning millions. Just like in the movies, you too can win millions by getting in on the online lottery action at theLotter.

Waking Ned Devine

This is an English comedy filmed on the Isle of Man. Although it’s a comedy, the main character is found dead holding the winning ticket. It’s a story of a complicated plan by a village to outsmart lottery officials and the prize won by the title character. It shows how these people capitalize on human greed and depicts the ruthlessness of society.

It Could Happen to You

“It Could Happen to You” is such an apropos title for a lottery movie because you know that it can indeed happen to you. That’s why you play. Isn’t it? In this film a policeman promises to split his lottery winnings with a waitress because he didn’t have any change for a tip. Well, you guessed it. He wins the lottery and now is tormented by the promise he kept to the waitress. What would you do?

Finder’s Fee

This flick gets into all the emotions and torments of winning a lottery. One guy finds a wallet on the street which contains a winning lottery ticket worth $6 million. It doesn’t sound like much of a story, but within the film there is a series of comedic misunderstandings culminating in a surprise ending. I don’t think any of these movies need to have much of a story because they will still appeal to all us lottery goers. The story line could simply be: Lottery player wins $100 million, for example, and we’d still go to see it.

If I Had a Million

Now there’s the question of the day. How about, “If I had $100 million?” This is an oldie, but a goodie made in 1932. A very rich billionaire selects two people at random from a city directory and gives $1 million to each of them. I think that’s a cute premise for becoming a millionaire, as opposed to the traditional lottery, but enticing to viewers nonetheless.

Other American Lottery Films

In “Lottery Ticket” a man realizes he just won $37 million, but all offices are closed. What is he to do? Watch it and see how he handles that tormenting question. The movie, “29th Street“ is based on a true story of a man growing up in a tough New York neighborhood who is down and out on his luck. He ends up winning $6 million in New York State’s first lottery. In “Uptown Saturday Night” the hero of the story gets robbed of his wallet containing a winning lottery ticket. He and his friends set out to recover it.

Lottery-Themed French Films

“Les Tuches” involves an ordinary, but somewhat unconventional family whose lives are significantly changed by winning a €100 million lottery. The Tuche family moves to Monaco and this is where the real comedy ensues because the Tuche’s are a far cry from the pretentious behavior modeled in Monaco.

“Le Million” (an old one from 1931) is about a man who wins 1 million florins in a Dutch lottery. The catch is it is in the pocket of his jacket which his wife just gave away to charity. This one’s a musical so there is a lot of singing and dancing throughout the search for the missing ticket.

Then there’s “La Liste De Mes Envies” which is set in Northern France. This movie explores the possibility that winning a lottery may not be the best thing ever. This one you should watch rather than have more of this movie’s thought-provoking plot revealed.

The Lottery Fever Perpetuates Through Time and Space

If we were to watch all of these movies we would see that the frenzy for playing lottery perpetuates throughout time. From the 1930’s to almost the present; from the USA to France and to England people are fascinated with lotteries (more particularly winning them). Our interest in these movies, as in any movie, is to escape reality for a while. Play the lottery and this “fantasy” could actually become a reality. Maybe they’ll make a movie about you. It’s true, it could happen to you.