TRACK: Viva Brother – ‘Bastardo’

Having begun life as Kill the Arcade in 2010, then Wolf Am I, then Brother, they were forced to add the ‘Viva’ to their name after their Australian Celtic namesake slammed the threat of a lawsuit on them in 2011. Then there was the sudden split of Viva Brother on April 1 2012 which, unlike what fans hoped, was penultimately not an April Fool’s joke. Following on from this a new band named Lovelife formed. The now matured Viva Brother are back.

Their debut album Famous First Words, which famously beat Tulisa’s album (#35) by one place in the UK Album chart (#34), captured new and old fans alike and culminated a building following for the quartet that unfortunately continued to their split. The band are back, having enthused fans with a cryptic countdown and new logo on social media. Their self-proclaimed grit-pop sound is personified by new track ‘Bastardo’ which is every inch the dynamic, confident indie-pop record we were hoping for, with a strongly, ferocious image of a hive of fans gyrating at the significantly youthful sound.

Viva Brother’s build up to their reunion only foreplays the hype that’s instilled amongst fans of this genre. With the announcement of a London gig on November 30, with an ambiguous social media post reading “you are invited to the second chapter”, we hope this won’t be another short-but-sweet stint for Viva Brother. Watch this space. There’s more to come.

Hannah Tinker