TRACK: Generation – ‘Cheapskate’

Liverpool glam punk rockers Generation are set to release their debut single ‘Cheapskate’ on Friday (April 5).

Following hard on the heels of their debut EP Who loves this Generation?, their latest offering is bold, raw, brash and in your face with a signature monster of a riff at the beginning. It’s all about being young and broke but extremely stylish. Subtle it isn’t? This is an exquisite fusion of glam rock meeting punk rock headfirst in a glorious collision.

Generation don’t just sound good, they look pretty good too. So much so that they recently modelled as poster boys for the iconic Underground of Soho who described them as “a slap in the face as opposed to a breath of fresh air and efficiently fuse the vigour, sound and style of every kind of rock n roll music.”

Their recent live performance at Liverpool’s Jacaranda basement saw the debut of new bass player Joe Murdoch and raucous appreciation and participation by the packed to the rafters audience.

Generation have a number of gigs on the horizon, go along, you won’t be disappointed, the worst thing that will happen is that your ears will still be ringing in the morning!

Generation play:

5 – Liverpool, Sound City

22 – Liverpool, Liverpool Calling

Words: Jane Davies
Photos: Andy Hughes