TRACK: HAWK – ‘Once Told’

Following ‘Glass’ – their previous release which focused on the Marriage Equality Referendum in Ireland – HAWK are back with ‘Once Told’, yet another track with activism at its core. This time the focus is on Ireland’s abortion laws and wider issues around pregnancy, sexuality and contraception.

It’s bigger and grungier but, as the band themselves note, “these tracks represent HAWK”; and they also represent HAWK’s constant ability to take a pressing issue and express it like no one else could. They manage to strike the balance perfectly between writing a fantastic song and still pinpointing the issues at hand, while musically it’s unquestionably fantastic; Julie Hawk’s vocals are haunting as ever – it never once becomes selfish and the issue remains at the forefront (that is, without it being too blatant).

Though the band are compared to the likes of Wolf Alice and Warpaint (and these comparisons aren’t necessarily wrong), ‘Once Told’ is proof that they have their own, truly distinct sound. They work various influences (from Julie’s folk background and acoustic roots to a more noir-rock sound) into a single track, the result being something endlessly beautiful and hard-hitting.

‘Once Told’ is the first track from the band’s upcoming self-titled EP, due for release in April 2016.


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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