TRACK: Kashmere – ‘Tokyo’

‘Tokyo’, the stunning single by Kashmere, is a cityscape of sound. The shimmering, synth-driven track heightens your senses, taking you on a trip through the neon-soaked backstreets of Japan’s capital. The tune, idyllically catchy, is so successful in conveying this image. The proposal to “take me back to your place in Tokyo” seems uncannily relevant, conjuring deep feelings of nostalgia – even to those who haven’t visited the city. This is because the style of Kashmere remains to be something of a dream, fainting in and out of a warped reality – a theme present in songs such as ‘Codeine’ also. An opiate infused Blossoms seems to be an apt description.

Jim Spencer returns to produce this single for Kashmere, and it seems to be a cooperation that works indelibly well. His past work with Electronic and New Order shares the ‘melodic, brooding synth pop’ that Kashmere claim to own. As the cyclical nature of guitar-based music arguably moves our six-stringed friend out of the limelight once more, they hope to define “their own unique form of sonic worth”. Being from Stockport, the boys have a lot to live up to in this indie, synth-orientated world, but there’s no doubt they will. Touring in April, the ridiculously cool group will take 2018 by storm. Watch this neon-soaked space.

Kashmere play:

11 – Glasgow, Broadcast
14 – Sheffield, Cafe Totem
21 – Leeds, Lending Room
28 – Manchester, Night People


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