TRACK: Let’s Eat Grandma – ‘Hot Pink’

Duo Let’s Eat Grandma have dropped their newest single, ‘Hot Pink’, through Transgressive Records. The track was produced by the electronic and wildly kinetic SOPHIE.

The ensemble, comprised of Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingsworth, dabble in sweet and slow-paced, spoken word lyrics. The track’s vocals are in keep with their usual softer tone, but chopping and screwing melodies pierce through while echoing club rhythms maintain the pace. Shouts of “hot pink” in the chorus are broken up by dismantled industrial noises, before returning to the obnoxious, hazy and rattling backing track.

They experiment with modern pop and gender politics throughout, and also highlight the stereotypes teenagers face. In the first few lines, Hollingworth hits back at the comments about the duo’s young age by taunting: “I’m only 17, I don’t know what you mean”. Let’s Eat Grandma are far from naive despite not hitting ‘adulthood’ yet, and ‘Hot Pink’ shows it.

Words – Laviea Thomas / @lav_6thomas

Laviea Thomas

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