TRACK: Lissie – ‘Best Days’

Hailing from Rock Island in the US, modern country singer Lissie is back with her new album
Castles, and this time she’s incorporated a lot more than just a guitar and her hard-hitting
vocals on her songs. Her album is out in March but her new single ‘Best Days’ has just been

Her new single ‘Best Days’ is a lot more developed than records she has released in
the past, on this tune we hear some crunchy guitar sounds and atmospheric synthesizers.
Throughout this song there is an overpowering sense of joy, and although musically, it isn’t as
uplifting as something like The Beach Boys, you can’t help but feeling happy during the
chorus of this song. It’s fantastically catchy.
Lissie’s voice really is great, in a way she reminds me of Miley Cyrus, with a twang at the end
of every line that adds just that little bit more to the lyric. If you like great lyrics, epic guitar
lines and catchy melodies then you’ll love ‘Next Days’.

Lissie is heading out on a UK tour in April, if the album is anything to go by, her live show is
going to be something you’re not going to want to miss!

Lissie will play:

6 – Glasgow, Oran Mor
8 – Manchester, Gorilla
9 – London, Village Underground
10 – London, Omeara

Jimmy Ingham