TRACK: Loveday shares debut track ‘Close’

Giving us the first taste of what she’s about, 17-year-old singer/producer Loveday has shared ‘Closer’ – her debut single.

Using her lo-fi, electro-pop sound, Loveday chronicles the experiences of a girl her age – first love, friendships, adventure and growing up – with refreshing honesty.

Speaking of the track, Loveday says: ”Close’ all came from this really to the point chorus lyric that I think every girl my age has experienced – when you’re just in this moment with someone and ‘that’s it’. I spent ages trying to rephrase it, but then I realised that it’s powerful to be so straight-up, so we just cut everything out and just stacked multiple tracks of me singing the lyric pitched in different ways. It’s like a mini-anthem to just being true to yourself, being unafraid to say how you really feel and to just let go a bit’.

Bringing both energised, stimulating youthfulness, and a talent that is incredibly honed, ‘Close’ is the perfect introduction to Loveday.


‘Close’ is out now.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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