TRACK: Luke Sital-Singh – ‘Hunger’

Luke Sital-Singh is a singer-songwriter from the small town of New Malden with a HUGE voice. With big time influences of Ryan Adams and Damien Rice, Luke will hit you right in the feels with his incredible new single ‘Hunger’.

This tune has a Ben howard feel to it, opening with just vocals and guitar, and a huge amount of delicious reverb ontop, he sets the tone for the rest of the song. Although the chorus isn’t hugely instrumented, the line ‘Got to Stay awake’ impacts greatly, purely because of the crisp tone of his voice.

This song has been delicately produced, the ooos in the chorus get inside your head, the constant bass drum and tom hits create a spacey atmosphere that you can imagine will just sound amazing live.

This guy just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and if Luke keeps bringing out songs like this, he’ll be playing big festivals and headline tours soon enough.