Track Review: Crash Island – ‘Howl (Come On!)’

Since last year’s debut – Strange Shores – London four-piece Crash Island have set themselves as the cool new band to look out for. The mix of influences on their EP, which is just as eclectic as the band members’ nationalities, has earned them a full year’s pass to international radio playlists and festivals, leaving listeners in anticipation of their next genre venture.

Latest release, ‘Howl (Come On!)’, continues the band’s trend of leaving a bit for everyone – catering to yet another type of audience. Further drifting apart from self-proclaimed definition of ‘dark tropical music’, it rather brings to mind the sassy club hits of Franz Ferdinand. Featuring an uncompromising foot stomping beat and an infectious chorus about dancing in the dark, upon hearing the song, you’ll immediately want to hit the dance floor with your newest moves.

Just in time to become a summer festival favourite, ‘Howl ‘is an early taster of the band’s upcoming second EP, Stormy Nights, scheduled for release on 22nd October.


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Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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