TRACK REVIEW: Get Hot ‘Drugs’

This is a completely fubar mix of ambient fuzz, Hefti guitar, weapons grade snark, and everything else inbetween.  The first collaboration between electronic underworld figures FTSE and Jakwob weighs in at a giddy 2:35, and punches you in the face like the aural equivalent of an end of level boss. The ambiguously hedonistic theme (drugs are great… or are they?) is refreshingly sinister, chanted like acolytes at a suburban satanic ritual.  This should become an alternative Summer anthem.

Double AA ‘Party’ is even shorter.  It’s Pinter with beats and riffs.  It will have you checking the doors and windows whilst dancing round the living room.  I have a distinct feeling it’s existential torment at this party rather than jelly and ice cream.  I’m scared.  But I want to hear more.

Kev McCready