TRACK REVIEW: The Mercy Alliance – ‘Washington’


The Mercy Alliance are a self-described indie-pop band hailing from across the waters in Washington DC. Having recently released a video for their brand new aptly titled single, ‘Washington’, from the upcoming album Some Kind Of Beautiful, the band have already dipped their toes in the rivers of success and a promising future waits ahead.

Opening with striking drums alongside slick guitar riffs and licks, the track moves quickly into a melodic piece of indie rock, jam packed with emotion and heartfelt lyrics.  A real sense of escapism grows as the song leads into harmonious choruses and the somewhat husky yet calming vocals of songwriter Joe Rathbone deliver the lyrics “the dashboard’s glowing green and blue / crossing Washington to catch another view”. It isn’t long before you find your thoughts whisked away to a movie-like scenario – road tripping across America, sunglasses intact with the roof rolled down and ‘Washington’ blaring out as you catch the summer breeze in your hair.

‘Washington’ is not a heavy track; it’s a delicate piece of thoughtfully composed music, drawing on influences from Wilco, Neil Young and John Lennon. When it comes down to it, the track is a real tribute to classic rock music.

Some Kind Of Beautiful is due for release on 8th September.



Ellen Offredy


Ellen Offredy
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