Track Review: Mourning Birds – ‘Breathe’

It would seem that old rock ‘n’ roll nostalgics have been given some song-shaped hope… The track in question is ‘Breathe’ by the three piece British band, Mourning Birds.

Having reached a broad audience thanks to their first single ‘Oh Yeh!’ towards the end of 2013 (the track has been streamed on NME Buzz Playlist and 6music’s Tom Robinson, among others), the band went back to the studio to continue with the recording of new material.

The result is ‘Breathe’ – a garage rock track that reminds you of the good old days when bands used to meet in a garage and just start jamming. Despite the name of the band, the guys don’t seem to be mourning at all: the piece is a powerful eruption of grungy energy and lyrics blast out of Jimmi Gilder’s mouth as though he’s screaming against the sky. It’s a raw track with rough lyrics, strong guitars and real drums. No pop melodies nor synths.

Suggested to all those who actually want to breathe sane, grunge, garage rock.  A classic taste of nostalgic rock, that is still well worth a listen in the 21st century.

(Cover photo courtesy of Rupert Hitchcox)

Marcella Sartore