TRACK REVIEW: Saint Raymond ‘I Want You’


It truly amazes me how the mighty Callum Borrows, aka Saint Raymond, can keep churning out summer hits. I was naïve to think ‘Young Blood’ would be the soundtrack to the multitude of festivals I was attending: ‘I Want You’ has landed with a bang and It’s almost as if Callum handcrafted this to overshadow it’s predecessors.

On opening, nostalgia of crappy festival videos (filmed whilst drunkenly staggering into the crowd) surface, the beginning mimicking the shoddy quality. This familiar noise is then clapped into clarity by Burrows, as if jumping into the song and waking you up.

The lyrics mainly concern the trials and tribulations of a relationship and not knowing where you stand. Callum confesses his love “I want you to know that, I want you, you know that.” And rightfully asks to be filled in “Let me know, or let me go”. Regardless of this seemingly fragile topic captured, Saint Raymond produces an upbeat, energetic sound reassuring the woebegone teenagers that everything will be fine.

Despite Callum’s prevalent presence on twitter, he has kept awfully silent about this bombshell of a track. Even after gruelling questioning, bumping into him backstage, he refused to cough up any details of this new gem.

In fact, sneaky Burrows dropped the track whilst fleeing to the desert to simultaneously film the music video, before jumping straight back onto the festival wagon. If Saint Raymond managed to keep this hidden, who knows what to expect for his debut album later this year!

This infectious song laced with signature beats and contagious melodies proves that Saint Raymond’s reign is far from over. I’m almost certain with the amount of work the Nottingham 19 year old puts in; he’s just getting started.

‘I Want You’ will be released on August 17th.

Fran Welch


Fran Welch

Fran Welch

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